Defoliation During The Flowering Stage

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Update time : 2022-12-14 11:14:49
Last week, we talked about the defoliation during the vegetative stage and we finally come to the last stage---defoliation during the flowering stage.

As we know, the auxin is responsible for the growth and maturation of flowers. The production of auxin can be stimulated by cutting the leaves during the flowering stage. After the defoliation, the buds will grow and swell shortly as the plant recovers.
What is the best time for defoliating? A week after the plant blooms and the first pistil comes out, then the second, the third and more...then it is the time to cut off all the big leaves and leave the small ones. After about three days, new shoots will sprout and you'll find bushy leaves after 3-7 days.

The next defoliation can be carried on around week 3 of flowering (make sure that the plants have been recovered). When the leaves start to regrow and become bushy, and then repeat the previous process. You will see that the buds have grown and many of them have been covered by the leaves. Then our task is to expose them to the light and keep the plants from shading.

We should also notice not to cut too close to the buds during the second defoliation. By cutting off the leaves on the calyx and bottom, the plant can focus its energy on the buds, which can avoid the formation of florets (the ones that are thrown away at the end). The goal of this defoliation is to produce more high quality, dense and uniform buds.
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