Defoliation During The Vegetative Stage

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Update time : 2022-12-06 14:18:47
Last time we talked about the target of defoliation in cannabis cultivation. Today we'd like to talk about the defoliation during vegetative stage. Before the defoliation, make sure that the plants are healthy and strong enough. We only need to cut off the largest leaves and retain enough leaves for photosynthesis. By doing this, the plants can continue to grow and return to a healthier, stronger growth state (which is the goal).

The plants are more vulnerable during the seedling stage. But from the very beginning of vegetative stage, we need to train the plants and prepare for future defoliation. Although there's a certain risk for defoliation, getting rid of the leaves will help the plants get rid of pests, powdery mildew that is caused by moisture problems, etc. On the other hand, by removing excess foliage, the light can reach to the bottom areas which can help to utilize the most of the light. Additionally, defoliation can also promote air circulation.

Defoliation seems to slow root growth and cause severe imbalances in plants during the vegetative stage. But this delay lasts during the recovery period until the plant establishes a new equilibrium. So nutrients will be very important during the recovery period. If soil nutrient levels are at a low level during that time of period, defoliation can seriously affect our plants.
As defoliation will temporarily halt the growth process and the plants will grow more slowly. Just be patient, the plants will develop thick and strong leaves within a few days.

Stay tuned for how to defoliating during the flowering stage!
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