How Much Do You Know about Defoliation?

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Update time : 2022-11-29 14:04:52

Defoliation is a cultivation technique that alters the plant's growth process by removing the plant's leaves. The purpose of this technology is to maximize the production in a restricted space. Therefore, the technology is especially useful for growers who want to maximize bud production in their grow rooms.
Defoliation has been widely used in gardening especially in bonsai. In agriculture, it is commonly used on tomato planting. In order to obtain more quality and quantity at the time of harvest, defoliation is applied to cannabis cultivation by removing the leaves of the plant at certain growth stages. We are talking about defoliation when we remove between 20% and 90% of a plant's total foliage.
When it comes to defoliation, we do not cut the main branches, but only eliminate the bottom branches and the surrounding leaves. Then what are the benefits of defoliation?

  • Ensuring equal light capture by the plant
  • Increasing yield without increasing the number of plants
  • Reducing equipment expenses
  • Manipulating the growth, height and shape of the plant
  • Promoting the uniformity among buds
  • Avoid diseases and problems that caused by humidity
  • Keeping the plants clean and strong

Defoliating is a relatively simple process, but there are also certain risks. Take your time and be precise with your scissors, since a bad cut can damage the future buds. We'd further discuss how to defoliating during different growth stages. Keep tuned and learn more with us!
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