How to Get Feminine Seeds

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Update time : 2023-01-31 14:10:12

When using traditional fertilization methods to grow cannabis plants, you have less control over the sex of your future cannabis plants. As a result, many cannabis growers take extra steps to make the appearance of female plants more likely.  Since only females produce the coveted buds and ingredients needed for medicinal or recreational purposes. Then, how do you feminize cannabis seeds before harvest? How to get only feminine seeds on plants?


Feminine cannabis seeds

Generally speaking, you can't tell the difference between male and female cannabis seeds at the beginning of planting. Also, you can't change the gender. The concept of feminized cannabis seeds is to maximize the number of female seeds that will be a part of cannabis growth.

Why do you need female plants? Well, female plants are known to have high levels of THC. While male plants have lower levels of THC, therefore, female plants take precedence over male plants. With the feminization of cannabis seeds, hemp growers can use a variety of pollination techniques to get good results.


Buy feminine cannabis seeds

There are a number of companies selling female cannabis seeds, so you can find the right product without waiting too long. This way, you can ensure that the plants that you get are female plants with higher THC. Also be careful when buying cannabis seeds online. Make sure it is a reputable company that sells and delivers suitable female cannabis seeds.


Alternative methods

If you are trying to feminize cannabis seeds yourself, you can use the following methods:
Silver thiosulfate solution
Colloidal silver
The Rodélization

Each of these methods should succeed if properly used to produce cannabis plants. Let's take a briefly review on each method.


Silver thiosulfate solution

Silver Thiosulfate Solution, also known as STS, is one of the most commonly used methods for female cannabis seed production. This is very effective in allowing female cannabis seeds to be available to cannabis growers. Using this method the seeds can be optimally feminized and the growers can get more seeds on the market.

The liquor consists of a mixture of silver nitrate and sodium thiosulfate. A hormonal stress response in cannabis plants can be discovered through this solution.  As a result, a gender change is triggered. You can do it yourself, but you should choose your marijuana plants wisely. You should only take a female plant of marijuana plant that is almost mature. Then separate the plants and spray them with STS, then let it dry making sure it clings to the other plants.


Colloidal silver

With colloidal or sterling silver, distilled water is also required. Use a spray bottle to apply this mixture to female marijuana plants, but do this while the plants are blooming. The pollen has female genetics which allow cannabis seeds to produce female plants.

Leave it on for 7 hours or more - the longer you leave it on, the better as it increases the concentration of colloidal silver. But making it too long will end up making the particles too large. At this point, you can spray the plants and go through the feminization process. Spray them daily until the flowering stage. Though it will take different times to get the result, it should take less than two weeks.


The Rodélization

When the female plant is stressed, the "rodelization" method invokes its response. Anthers will grow when the plant is stressed and unfertilized. Since the resulting marijuana seeds are inherited from female genetics only, it is more likely to be female and not male.

The purpose of this technique is to make the female plants bloom longer than normal. Plants should have a normal "startle" response and go into "self-pollination" mode. Pollen can be harvested normally after pollen sacs begin to appear.

The main disadvantage of this method is that it is unreliable - even if everything works well, the seeds may not be feminine. Because of this risk, you must carefully consider whether this method is suitable for you. Also some strains are also better than others using this method.

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