How to Transplant Cannabis Plants?

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Update time : 2023-03-14 14:23:00

The term "plant combination" usually describes a method of asexual reproduction (reproduction without the transfer of fertilized eggs or genetic seeds from one organism to another, such as grafting). Grafting is a technique that essentially involves cutting branches from a plant and transplanting them onto another plant (known as the "host"). Over time, the two plants merge into one. Grafting can preserve some of the original characteristics and features (mainly include taste and chemical, etc.) of the transplanted plant, while gaining new features usually related to rooting or others.

Required equipment:

Blade/sharp knife/scissors

Sealing film ("grafting tape")

Plastic bag (preferably with sealing machine)

Sprayer filled with irrigation solution (plus a little fertilizer)

Galvanized wire/partial metal wire

A cup of water

Clean chopping board

How to transplant

1. Choose a healthy cannabis plant and snip off a branch as a cutting. At the same time, find a healthy area on another healthy plant to accept your transplant. Make sure the diameters of the transplant branch and transplant area are roughly the same.

2. Snip off most of the leaves from the cutting branch, but making sure to leave a few leaves at the top of the branch.

3. Use scissors to cut off your cutting and quickly transfer it to your "host" plant. Use the knife to draw a diagonal line along the bottom of your cutting, so as to create as much space as possible to let your cutting and "host" plant merge properly.

4. After cutting, dip the transplant into the water and proceed to the next step. Make a diagonal cut that most resembles your transplant in your joint area with the scissors.

6. Once the jump line and the prepared line are matched and connected properly, clamp them tightly and wrap them up with cling film ("sealing film").

7. Then, cross laying a galvanized wire crosswise around your joint to reinforce the bond between your "host" plant and transplant.

Finally, put some rooting solution into a small bag and "dress up" the joint area with it. Make sure to leave a small space between the bag and the plant, which will allow the area to breathe.

A few days later, the formed scab will merge into one plant. During this period, all growth strategies should be avoided.

Additional suggest

Readjusting the branches to be connected appropriately.

Water thoroughly about an hour before the transplant.

The transplanted plant will wither in the first three days, but it will take about two weeks to recover completely.

Female plants can be grafted onto male plants, and vice versa.

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