What Should Be Considered to Start An Indoor Cannabis Grow

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Update time : 2023-03-09 13:59:12

With more states adopting cannabis legalization laws each year, the cannabis industry is continuing to grow. Naturally, Americans have viewed the market as a modern-day gold rush and have sought to start their own indoor cannabis grow operations. What facilities should be taken into consideration to start an indoor cannabis grow?

HVAC equipment
Cannabis plants need lots of light to grow, and that great amount of light translates into a lot of energy use and heat, which must be removed without harming the plant. Therefore, HVAC systems can help cooling the grow room and keep the plants at the correct temperature and humidity levels for maximum yields.

Grow lights
HPS lighting tends to use significantly more wattage than LEDs and give off more heat as well, which then puts extra load on the HVAC system. Therefore, your lighting selection will not only impact your yields, but also affect your energy costs. There are many brands available in the market today, but there are a few key factors to consider when choosing a professional grow light, including spectrum, PPFD, warranty, pricing, ect.

Water treatment, fertigation, and irrigation system
Having a clean, consistent supply of water is essential for growing a consistent product. Water purification can remove particulates, pathogens, and debris. Many growers choose to purify their water supply before it's introduced to their plants. At the same time, growers can automate the injection of nutrients into the water supply, a process known as fertigation. Automating this process keeps your recipe consistent and reduces labor requirements.

Grow benches and racking
Grow benches and verticle grow racks are necessary for efficiently, and cleanly, organizing your plants within a grow space. Few growers keep their plants in containers directly on the floor. Doing so makes organizing and servicing plants a hassle, and it can add unnecessary hours to your labor.
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