Mercur series

With locking function and anti-turnover device, Mercur series Rolling Bench is one of the simplest and most practical grow system in the hydroponic planting room.
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Each plant rack has dimensions of 9'x 4'x 9' and can be easily moved and adjusted. Up to 7 racks can be interconnected, providing a total length of up to 63 feet to accommodate different spatial layout requirements.


The corrugated panels are designed to facilitate proper drainage and ventilation for plants, making them suitable for drip irrigation cultivation methods. A 1.2° tilt angle ensures smooth drainage and prevents water accumulation issues.


Each plant rack has a high load-bearing capacity of up to 300kg. At the end of the wave panels, water collection troughs and drainage pipes are equipped to facilitate the collection and centralized treatment of nutrient solutions discharged from the drip irrigation system.


The large-sized integrated full-size trellis net enables personalized planting layouts, while the convenient hanging hooks allow for adjustable height, meeting the growth needs of plants.


The environmentally friendly coating has a thickness of up to 100μm, providing long-term protection for the plant racks.


The connectors utilize high-grade 8.8 class bolts and internally connected nuts, ensuring simple and convenient installation.