Versatile for multi-environment cultivation
Linear and slim design to fit the multi-layer racks
Powerful for all leaf green cultivation and fruit growth
Various spectrum options available
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1 Pieces(Min. Order)
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With a slim form factor available in three lengths, Moray-M series is perfect for any environment. According to the requirements of cultivation, moray can be used as top lighting and side lighting.Growers can choose the quantity they need and install them through the DIY mode to meet different PPF requirements. Built-in power supplies help growers get rid of extra accessories. Efficient heat sink makes it possible to multi-layers environments.


Patent Built-in Driver Bar Light

Moray-M series is our patent built-in driver led plant grow light. Compared to stripe lights, Moray-M is more powerful and versatile which could be applied in different grow environments and stages.

Any Growth Stages

With 3 different power choices, Moray-M could be applied to cultivation of micro-green, seedling, vegetative and even flowering stages.

Any Facility

The single bar design and group control module make Moray-M fit itself easily in tents, indoor grow rooms, multi-racks etc.

Supplemental Lighting

Equipped with specialized mono spectra like UV, R, FR or B, Moray-M could work as a supplemental lighting bar to achieve specific cultivation goals.

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