Linear design to reduce shadow on plants
Design for supplemental lighting in greenhouse
3 different light lengths to fit your space
Daisy-chain function available for group control
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1 Pieces(Min. Order)
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Brand Introduction
HortiBest has been focused on researching and manufacturing LED grow lights since 2016. We provide indoor, greenhouse, multi-layer lighting solutions for hundreds of growers. We deliver outstanding and solid LED grow light worldwide. Light the world, light the life!


Shark-X  is designed for a greenhouse with slim form factor which won't block the penetration of sunlight while providing supplementary lighting. The fanless design eliminates fan noise and fan life issues while the horizontal heat sinks efficiently dissipate heat to help get a longer lifespan of the led greenhouse lights.


Great for Greenhouse

Shark-X is dimmable and chainable with supporting accessories which can help centrally manage large areas' planting, especially for top lighting environments like greenhouse.

Slim Form Factor

Designed to minimize shading in the greenhouse, Shark-X series is in a slim form factor which could be set under the beam of roof structure and won't block more sunlight in the daytime.

Specialized Spectrum

Most greenhouses used artificial lights as supplemental lighting when the DLI from the sun is low. Then specialized spectrum which is abundant in specific wavelengths is required.

Easy to Install

With a power supply fixed on the light, there will be a super easy installation: hang the hook then the light and done.