High-efficiency LED Grow Lights for Indoor Gardening

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Update time : 2023-07-14 17:37:26
Are you looking for high-efficiency and energy-saving grow lights? If so, just stop and take a look at those high-efficiency LED grow lights!
Jellyfish Series
Jellyfish series is 1:1 replacement for HID, which can help to achieve higher yields by using the same amount of electricity with existing infrastructure. Jellyfish series also allow you to easily switch to LED lighting by replacing HPS/HID set-up, or building a new installation. Those LED grow lights are good options for greenhouses growing vegetables, fruits and marijuana etc., can help you effectively optimize crop growth and save operational costs.
Octopus-H Series
To meet the requirements of both commercial and home growers, our R&D department launched Octopus-H series. It is a full-cycle LED grow light with finely tuned spectrum which cover all growing phases including seedling, genetics, propagation, vegetation and flowering. It is installed out of the box with power supply in-built. And its low height and smooth surface make it ideal for multi-layer cultivation or any other indoor environment.
Octopus-HL Series
To accommodate those special cultivation growing area like grow rooms with rolling bench and large growing racks, we have Octopus-H8L, Octopus-H10L and Octopus-H12L which can suit 4*6ft growing area perfectly with uniform light distribution. These unconventional sized lights help our growers reduce expenses and maximize efficiency.

The Moray-H10 is designed to provide extra light for plants in indoor grows. It features an easy-to-use power daisy-chain, allowing for multiple lights to be connected and controlled together for efficient and powerful lighting.
Shark-XR Series
Shark-XR is designed for greenhouse with slim form factor which won’t block the penetration of sunlight while provide supplementary lighting. This model is dimmable and chainable with supporting accessories which can help centrally manage large areas' planting, especially for greenhouse. Shark-XR is 60% higher in PPFD, 47% lower in power consumption and 47% less in BTU compared to 1000W HPS/CMH.