Produce More for Less with Octopus-H8 660W/720W

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Update time : 2022-12-27 09:54:06

With the development of energy efficiency pressure, more and more cultivators are seeking a way to reduce the heavy burdens. What is the best way to produce more for less? Our Octopus-H8 660W/720W is a good choice to solve this urgent problem.

Lowest energy consumption
Latest generation LEDs and high efficiency build-in power supply maximize light output with minimal energy consumption.

Up to 1944μmol/s PPF light output
With up to 1944μmol/s PPF, Octopus-H8 660W/720W led grow light provides more light output than the similar products on the market.

Full spectrum for every grow stages
Full spectrum FSG and FSM offer photon emission across the PAR 400-700 wavelength rang to cover the full cycle growth of cannabis and most vegetables.

Most friendly to overgrown plants
With the bar light design, the plants that grow too fast can stretch from the interspace without being blocked.

Up to 2.5lbs per light
It has been proved that growers can harvest up to 2.5lbs per light with Octopus-H8 660W/720W.
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