Jellyfish Series

1:1 replacement of HPS
DLC model for energy rebate
High voltage version available
Unique patent thermal design
Compact design with more light
Plug and Play for easy installation
Maximum light output of 2550umol/s
Powe and dimming daisy-chain availa
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Jellyfish series allow you to easily switch to LED lighting, replacing your existng HPS/HID set-up, or building a new installation. jellyfish series are good optons forgreenhouses vegetables, fruits and herbaceous plant growing etc, helping you effectively optimize crop growth and save operatonal costs.


  • High-Efficiency Alternative: Our plant growth lights are designed to replace traditional High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights on a 1:1 basis, reducing energy consumption without compromising brightness, allowing you to enjoy the long-term economic benefits of energy savings

  • Unique Patented Thermal Design: With our unique patented technology, our lamps feature an optimized cooling system that effectively controls device temperature, prolongs lifespan, and protects your plants from overheating damage

  • High-Voltage Version Options: To meet the diverse needs of customers, we offer a high-voltage version of our plant growth lights, ensuring seamless use in various electrical environments

  • Compact Design, Superior Brightness: Our design team has meticulously crafted a smaller, brighter lamp that not only saves you space but also provides all the necessary illumination for your plants

  • Plug and Play, Easy Installation: No complicated setup is required; this growth light supports plug and play functionality, making the installation process quick and simple. Even non-professionals can effortlessly complete the installation

  • Maximum Light Output Up to 2550umol/s: Our plant growth light can deliver up to 2550umol/s of light output, ensuring optimal photosynthesis efficiency for your plants and promoting their healthy and rapid growth

  • Flexible Power and Dimming Series Functionality: In addition to the standard configuration, we also offer customers the choice of power and dimming series options, allowing you to easily adjust light intensity according to different stages of plant growth and specific needs

Technical Specs:

Model Jellyfish 700A
Power 700W
ACinput Voltage AC120-277
Specturm SRF
Efficacy 3.0umol/J
PPF(umol/s) 2550umol/s
Heat Output 2901BTU/h
Thermal Management
Operating Temperature
-4-113 (-20-45℃)
Storage Temperature
-40-176 (-40-80℃)
Power Factor ≥0.96
Light Distribution 120°
Dimming 0-10V
Demission 745x290x108mm
THD <15%
Lifetime 50000h
IP Rating/Location Rating IP65/Wet
Certification DLC/ETL/UL8800/CE

Recommed Spectrum:

Spectrum SRF is a full spectrum achieves a high efficacy by using mass of 660nm Red LEDs combined with some 450nm Blue LEDs and 730nm Far Red, and effects on vepetative growth, flowering and budding. SRF could help to increase tomato yield, anthocyanin content of cabbage. lt is a perfect supplementary light source for specific greenhouse cultivation.