2 pcs per set
Available in daisy-chain function
Replacement of T5 fluorescent tubes
Ideal for multi-layer systems to grow leafy greens and young plants
7 days accelerator for plant clone
/ Pieces
1 Pieces(Min. Order)
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Brand Introduction
HortiBest has been focused on researching and manufacturing LED grow lights since 2005. We provide indoor, greenhouse, multi-layer lighting solutions for hundreds of growers. We deliver outstanding and solid LED grow light worldwide. Light the world, light the life!


Flexible and Cost-Efficient

Moray-T plant grow lights enable you to optimize the plant growth for most leafy greens and young plants under multi-layer systems to reach your business goals. It is also ideal for cloning of plants.

Replacement of T5

Moray-T series is a perfect replacement of T5 Fluorescent Tubes with 60% more efficient, eco-friendly and energy-saving, and a longer life-span rated for 54,000 hours.

Daisy-Chain Available

Moray-T series is compatible with connectors which can be easily connect and disconnected and comply with IP65 and UL ratings for wet conditions in any multilayer set-up.

120° Wide Beam

Moray-T series is designed with 120 degree wide beam angle which creates a generous, evenly-covered footprint while still maintaining superior canopy penetration.