How Can Mobile Vertical Grow Racks Benefit Your Operation?

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Update time : 2022-12-01 15:52:40

How can vertical grow racks benefit your operation?

Maximize the grow space. Vertical grow racks allow for increased crop production, as there is a single mobile aisle that can effortlessly move between rows when and where access is needed, compared to fixed grow racks or benches, which consists of multiple permanent aisles in the same space.
Increase the bottom line. Increased crop production means increased revenue, so every square and cubic foot of production has a significant impact on the grower's bottom line.

What are the features of the mobile grow racks and how do they benefit cultivators?
HortiBest's mobile vertical grow racks are built with high strength steel. They are powder coated with UV-stable and anti-microbial additives, along with upgrades of other components to stainless and galvanized steel to handle high-humidity environments.
Besides that, the vertical grow racks are linkable with maximum carriage length up to 64ft length. The main rack comes with a steering wheel that allow workers to move the whole system easily along the carriage system so as to leave the entire floor open for easy access for carts, ladders, lifts, cleaning debris.
In addition, the ABS corrugated grow trays can be utilized for Dripto-Drain and Ebb-and-Flow irrigation styles.

Optional air circulation systems and lighting solutions are available.
Air circulation systems
To get best product consistency, environmental control is very crucial. Hortibest’s Air Circulation System allows growers to control environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels which will help to get a better product and yield.

Lighting solutions
The Octopus-HL series LED grow lights are designed by our R&D department to accommodate the vertical grow racks. They can fit a 4*6ft growing area perfectly with uniform light distribution and help to reduce expenses and maximize efficiency.
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