Increase Yields and Improve Quality with Moray-H10

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Update time : 2023-02-02 18:07:07
LED grow light is a great way to solve the lighting problem in indoor cultivation. However, not all of the grow lights are powerful enough to achieve an ideal result. Is there any way to get better harvest without replacing all of the existing equipment? The answer is yes! The very common method is simply adding supplemental lights to the exiting fixtures.

HortiBest Moray-H10 can be easily attached to bar design lighting fixtures like Fluence's SPYDR2i47/SPYDR2p47/SPYDR2x47, Gavita's Pro 1650e LED ML/Pro 1700e LED, Lumatek's ZEUS 600W PRO/ZEUS 1000W PRO, etc. Being equipped with UV and FR, the Moray-H10 can help to increase yield and improve quality.

  • Increase yield by 10-30%
  • Year-round production
  • Increase THC and CBD
  • Improve quality and flavor
  • Make stronger rhizomes
  • Increase stems and flower size
  • Insect prevention and anti-b acteria