Maximize Grow Space and Yield with Grow Racks

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Update time : 2022-10-25 11:09:42
With the expansion of urbanization, land resources are becoming increasingly strained. Climate change is another challenge for outdoor cultivation. Vertical farming emerged as a solution to the land shortage as well as the climate change. In order to help growers to maximize their grow space and yield, our R&D department launched the vertical grow racks.

Jupiter Series Mobile Vertical Grow Rack
Our Jupiter Series Mobile Vertical Grow Rack enables commercial growers to maximize the grow space and increase the bottom line. Together with ABS corrugated grow trays and air circulation system, the grow racks are corrosion resistance suits most cultivation environment safely and high efficiently. In addition, the mobile carriages allow the workers to move the whole unit easily, so they will no longer be limited by the square footage in the facilities.

Mars Series Mobile Vertical Grow Rack

Mars Series Vertical Grow Racks makes full use of the indoor cultivation space and height, better expands the greenhouse space, and improves the ground utilization rate, uniform layer load, overall easy management, and convenient movement. It is a 4*8ft single module that can be freely joined with the next module to meet your needs, easy to install and save costs.

Mercur Series Rolling Bench

Mercur Series Rolling Bench is one of the simplest and most practical grow systems in the hydroponic planning room. With locking function and anti-turnover device, it allows you to use up to 50% of the planning room space, and a single bench can be connected with next one to different lengths. It is easy to install to save costs. No matter if you are looking for rolling benches or static benches, we both can customize according to your needs.
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