Shark-X Series: Great Supplemental Lighting for Greenhouse

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Update time : 2022-09-15 17:35:55
Supplemental lighting is the best choice for greenhouse growers when the natural light is low, such as in the nighttime, over the winter season, and on gloomy summer days. However, it is also essential to supplement with the right light with the right quantity at the right time. Today, we’re glad to bring you with our Shark-X series, which is great for greenhouse supplemental lighting!

Linear design to reduce shadow on plants
With a slim form factor, Shark-X series can be installed under the beam of roof structure, which won't block more sunlight in the daytime.

3 different light lengths to fit your space
Our Shark-X series is available in 3 different light lengths, you can just select the right light length according to your requirement.

Daisy-chain function available for group control
Power and dimming daisy-chains are available for Shark-X series, which make it easier to facilitate the centralized control of greenhouse lighting.