What Is Photosynthesis?

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Figure 1

Light is the single most important environmental variable concerning plant growth. 



Figure 2

Average plant response to photosynthetically active radiation (PAR).



 Fiagure 3

Photosynthetic light response curves.





Light duration (photoperiod) is the length of time a plant is exposed to light during a 24-hour period. The length of a photoperiod can influence the overall light intensity that a plant receives in 24 hours, which in turn influences overall growth. This is described as daily light integral (DLI), which is defined as the cumulative PPFD delivered during 24 hours, and is expressed in mol/m2/d. Photoperiod also influences the transition from vegetative to reproductive growth in several plant species. However, it is actually the dark period (skotoperiod) and not the photoperiod that determines when certain species will transition to reproductive growth. The photoreceptor phytochrome is mainly responsible for signaling the transition to reproductive growth in photoperiodic crops . Short day (long night) plants flower when the phytochrome perceives an uninterrupted long night (generally ≥ 12 hours). Long day (short night) plants flower during short nights (generally ≤ 12 hours). Alternatively, several plant species are day neutral, where photoperiod does not influence flowering.



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