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It's not an easy multiple choice question for most growers. Even though the LEDs have carved out their place in the indoor grow lighting sector. But HPS have been the industry standard for many years due to the stable technologies. "No broken No fix." This is what growers say when mentioned to HPS.  To be honest, HID lamps might be the top choice for most of growers when considering the budget.


But why more and more growers are going to switch to LEDs? This is a good question. By comparison with HPS, LEDs has many advantages which include higher efficiency, less heat dissipation cost, higher lighting output, and customized lighting spectrum. Those are impossible with HPS. More importantly, LEDs can give you an overall healthier plant. LED or HPS,  if you are struggling with this question, let’s take a look at the two technologies briefly. Hope that can help you to make a right decision for your plants.



As we all know that MH spectrum is used for vegetative growth since it deliver plenty of blue light to plants, but HPS spectrum is red-dominant which is perfect for flowering. But HPS and MH both extreme spectral designs and totally different from sun light. And natural sun is the best lighting source for all crops.

Designed with full spectrum, well-engineered LED lighting fixtures meet all of your plants’ needs from seeding to flowering. So you don't need to change your light fixtures from MH to HPS in mid-crop cycle. The dimming design allows you to change the light cycle anytime to meet the DLI of different grow stage.



Higher Efficiency

HPS lamps can deliver powerful PPF output, but the strongest spectrum wavelengths seldom used for photosynthesis. Electricity is wasted as well.

Well-engineered LED spectrum deliver higher efficacy lighting to plants. With an customized spectrum and better light intensity, more salable material will be produced,  growers can benefit more because of its enhanced quality.


Cost Saving

HVAC Cost LED produce less heat, air-conditioning costs fall by 30%-40%.

DLC Rebate Due to lower electrical consumption. LEDs environmental benefit has prompted many governments to offer a rebate credit for switching to LEDs, you can apply for the DLC rebates by using DLC listed lighting fixtures.  

Maintenance Cost HID bulbs are delicate and growers need to replace the bulbs within 1-2 years. But LEDs aren’t susceptible to breakage and longer lifetime. IP rates make it easy to clean and impossibility of breakage.

Grow Space Cost Due to less heat production, LEDs makes multi-level grow system become possible. You can plant more crops with the same planting area by multi-level grow system, which greatly improves the efficiency of land use.

Upfront Costs It is true, when you ready to buy LED, you will found that LED fixtures cost more than HPS. It's definitely a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Stay tuned with HortiBest LED. If you are looking for LED grow light for your plants, please contact with us. Thank you.

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