New Released: Swordfish-330 LED Grow Light for Toplighting

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Update time : 2023-04-06 14:21:40
We are thrilled to announce the release of our newest LED grow light, the Swordfish-330. This groundbreaking technology is perfect for top-lighting your garden, providing unmatched levels of energy efficiency, brightness, and cost savings.
The Swordfish-330 is specially designed for toplighting to provide supplemental lighting at night or under cloudy days. With the slim form factor, it can reduce shadowing effectively. It also comes with dimmable and chainable functions, which is perfect for large areas' planting centrally management. There are various light spectrum options available for different types of crops.

  • Slim form factor to reduce shadow
  • Unique integrated driver design
  • Less fixture cost, more light output
  • Various spectrum options for supplemental lighting
  • Power and dimming daisy-chain available
  • Plug and play for easy installation
  • DLC model for energy rebate

Experience the full potential of your garden with the Swordfish-330 LED Grow Light. Contact us today to learn more and get yours now!
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